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Fateful Waters 7

Fateful Waters Draft 6

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Jackie Anton Fateful Waters Draft 5

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Angie Fox Boxed Set

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Angie Fox 3D book Cover

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Barrett Secret Santa Draft 1

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Fateful Waters Draft 3

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Anne Brooke Painting from Life Draft 1

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Green-eyed Doll Version 2

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Jerrie Alexander video

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Video: Fateful Waters Draft 2

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Header Draft 1 Carson

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Angie Fox Christmas Card

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Angie Fox Holiday 2012 draft 1

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Draft One Fateful Waters

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now and forever

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Joyce Proell Eliza 2

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Cindy Spencer Pape

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Cindy Spencer Pape

cindy spencer pape


Cindy Spencer Pape

Cindy Spencer Pape

Monday, September 3, 2012

Cindy Spencer Pape

Cindy, this one has two different fonts for you to consider.  I couldn't figure out what else was in the heart either (besides the watch) so I took everything out.

This one, again, has two different fonts for you to consider.

On this one, again, different fonts but also different colors and effects. I also added the heart (very rough draft on the heart)

Let me know if there are any elements you like on these.